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Girl's Home

We've been catching up with Rach and Drew on their annual visit to the Girl's Home and they have sent us some more lovely pics.
We wrote a few weeks ago about the home (click below to see more about Madre Albertina's order and all of the good work it achieves)

Here are the Girls heading off to the big annual festival in Nicaragua "La GriterĂ­a"  which could literally be translated as the shouting...sounds pretty good to us!

As always, if you want to follow the Girl's Home or make a donation please click here:

Nice Teaparty

Lets spread a bit of sugar filled cheer on this chilly day.
John Gough, Nice's head photographer, took these scrumptious pics with Daniela of Classic Crockery.

Have a peek at this lovely bit of still life shot at our delightful daylight studio!

Don't forget to have a look at some of Classic Crockery's pieces here