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Girl's Home

We've been catching up with Rach and Drew on their annual visit to the Girl's Home and they have sent us some more lovely pics. We wrote a few weeks ago about the home (click below to see more about Madre Albertina's order and all of the good work it achieves) Here are the Girls heading off to the big annual festival in Nicaragua "La GriterĂ­a"  which could literally be translated as the shouting...sounds pretty good to us! All set with smiles, music and the iconic pink Girls Home bags! A snap of the girls in action with the fab Rach As always, if you want to follow the Girl's Home or make a donation please click here:

Nice Teaparty

Lets spread a bit of sugar filled cheer on this chilly day. John Gough, Nice's head photographer, took these scrumptious pics with Daniela of Classic Crockery. Have a peek at this lovely bit of still life shot at our delightful daylight studio! Enough to make your tastebuds tingle... Quaint festive cupcakes to spur us on through December. Always a place for you at Nice. Don't forget to have a look at some of Classic Crockery's pieces here

Behind the Scenes: Mint Velvet

We've had a rather Model Monday with Mint Velvet ! Almost done for the day but still working hard with our gorgeous photographer Ellie Hyde.  Here is a sneak peek of them all at work...this is why we love a Monday morning at NICE . Remember to keep an eye out for the final shots and keep looking at Mint Velvet's webpage and blog if anything catches your eye!

The Girl's Home

Our Nice Directors, Rachel Collingwood and Drew Sutton are back in Nicaragua for their annual visit to The Girls Home !   They have been suporting The Girls Home, where Madre Albertina’s order of nuns care for and nurture 25 girls. The girls are social orphans, not able to live with family members due to distinctive circumstances.  Rachel and Drew spend a month a year at the home helping at the centre, whilst the rest of the year is spent raising funds for the amazing work of the nuns and the home. They have been updating us on their time there so far and are having a great time. They have sent us some photos to show us how things are going. If you want to follow the Girl's Home or make a donation please click here:

NICE models with George at Asda

If you still have a copy of today's Metro turn to page 8 and see some of our lovely George at ASDA pictures (taken of course by the wonderful Sheena Bose) kids photographer at NICE!,default,sc.html?cm_sp=grgHome-_-NavBoy-_-boys050712 Check the online site for some festive photographs lovingly created at Nice.

Celebrating a decade of shooting for Topshop and Topman!

After a decade of daily shoots for Topshop and Topman in their very own Nice studio, today we sadly say goodbye as they take to shooting in house. And to do it in style, here's a pic of the Emma Cook wrapping paper dress we recently shot for Topshop. Thank you for many happy and great years and we wish you much success and the very best for the future! xx

Pudsey was here!

Lovely Pudsey! As before, we mentioned that Nice are having a blast with Vogue ! Our 360 images(on the iPad) are now LIVE in December's issue! If you don't have a tablet then beg someone to lend you one and see the official Vogue Pudsey bear who we got to hug in the studio...jealous much?!

Vogue on ipad

So, we've had a great time with Vogue shooting our 360 images for the tablet versions of the magazine. We have this stunning Julien Macdonald bespoke dress from the November issue (yep, we also want to add this to Santa's list)! If you get the chance download the iPad version and see the dress SPIN!!! PS. More to come....

Simply Smythson

Smythson of Bond Street are regularly in the Nice studio with their beautiful luxury leather bags and accessories.  We love working with such a fabulous product.  Why not have a peek at their website and see our many images of their latest collections.  We know which bags and diaries we want for christmas, do you!? Make sure that you go to:

Day to Night with Mint Velvet and Nice Images!

Starring appearances by our manager Hannah's bicycle and the lovely Mint V pooch, Bear! What do you think!? Our studio is the perfect location to shoot and film whatever you need and want, from night! Don't forget to check out Mint Velvets own blog and website also, and see if you can spot any of our images!

Twinkle toes and some serious ballet skills!

We are having the BEST weekend over here at Nice!  The lovely and extremely talented Franziska Rosenzweig of Shoreditch Studio is here filming her new Ballet DVDs in our cosy cove!  It is all coming together perfectly and we cannot wait for the end result!  Here are some sneaky snaps of Franziska and Steve (our fab Nice filmographer) in action! Waiting for Steve Franziska, we don't know if Steve is cut out for ballet... Showing us how it is done!!! Looking forward to the DVDs! Have a look at Franziska's website and keep an eye out for her DVDs in the near future!

Capsule Wardrobe Fun!

As always we had a blast filming with the Mint Velvet girls, and of course Bear the dog!  Have a look at our latest video, filmed and edited by the wonderful Steve Watson ! Check out their site also for some more style ideas and see some of our images and vids! Enjoy x

Christmas has come early!

Our cosy cove is getting a bit of TLC and a makeover in preparation for our next video shoot! Its going to look fresh faced and beautiful  again by Monday!


Here is a cheeky little preview of our shoot with Lascivious , check out their site: ...more to come soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

Moby Dick turns 161

It's a big year for whales! Today is the 161st anniversary of Moby Dick, the great classic by Herman Melville! To celebrate, we have a lovely image taken by Drew Sutton, Nice Director, photographer and videographer, who travels the world diving with the beautiful cetaceans! This was a sperm whale close encounter in Sri Lanka!  Drew is also a contributing artist in the Moby Dick Big Read project, where you can download a chapter a day of the novel which is read by the likes of Stephen Fry, Tilda Swinton, David Cameron, John Waters and Sir David Attenborough, with artwork presented by Anish Kapoor, Linder - and Drew! Up and coming events include WhaleFest, which returns to Brighton this autumn with a wild weekend of whale and dolphin inspired activities from 27-28 October. A good home for this festival, it was 30 years ago that the International Whaling Commission met at the Brighton Hilton Metropole in 1982 and made the decisi

Topman model at NICE

We've been loving our model shoots recently here at Nice.  Check out the latest from Topman which our fab photographer Ellie worked on! What do you think?!  Keep an eye out for some more model shoots coming up... x

Bambi and Manson sneaky preview...

Our lovely photographer Ellie shooting with Bambi and Manson this week! Keep your eyes peeled for the finished product coming soon x

Mint Velvet's 10 ways to wear your scarf shoot!

Recently we had the pleasure of working with  Mint Velvet  on their "10 ways to wear your scarf" video. Have a look and let us know what you think!  We love it! Check out their page for more information on how to get your hands on what you see in the video also  

Sneak peek shoot with Radley

Nice loves a bit of Wired!

 Have you grabbed your copy of Wired magazine this month?   Here is a sneaky peak... We love our pictures, do you?! One of our faves!! A winner in the Nice studio!!   Marieka Ratsma 's fabulous "skeletal engineering" The trapped light in this extendible bench is simply stunning, would brighten up any room! For you wonderful tech heads out there, this is damn cool!  We want one!

Nice bikes!

Recently here at Nice , we had the pleasure of shooting with Jay Pond Jones at ColourBolt , a British cycling company which hand builds beautiful world renowned bikes.  As well as being a fantastic piece of handmade machinery, their bespoke frame bikes are aesthetically beautiful, meaning even more fun for us to shoot! You can find these creations at Harvey Nichols London and Micycle in Islington.  Take a look at our shots on the ColourBolt website and see if these stylish creations and beautiful images take your fancy.

Dogs Trust

Hello there lovely friends! If you have been keeping a close eye on the news lately you may have seen the coverage on dangerous dogs and their owners.  It mentions our friends the Dogs Trust , the UK's largest dog welfare charity.  Our fabulous photographers, Andrew Sutton and Emma Crichton, had the pleasure of working with them for their magazine! If you can pick up a copy have a browse, fall in love and get involved with the Dogs Trust! Check out this link below!

Scottie dog art directs Ocado shoot at Nice

Our (Scottish) assistant manager Emma and head retoucher Hannah were easily distracted while on a busy day in the studio with the Ocado shoot with the presence of a scottie dog. Here he is enjoying a well earned cuddle just after an important shot!

Nice featured in Wired Magazine

Our head photographer John Gough was featured in the latest issue of Wired magazine talking about the 360 images we shoot for them. We shoot 360's for the ipad app for both Wired and Vogue.

Nice Street Style

The gorgeous retoucher Hannah Elms who works here at Nice was featured in OK magazine last week after being spotted on the street for her unique style! Hannah retouches for many of our top clients including Topshop & Liberty. Nice loves her statement jacket! xx


Last weekend Rachel (Nice Director) & Sheena Bose (Nice Kidswear photographer) went to the kids trade show Bubble London where they spotted Sheena's photographs up on the wall that she had taken for kidswear brand Fabric Flavours ! 

Mint Velvet for Summer 2012

Take a look at Mint Velvet's Beautiful Summer Collection - we love it. Great Dresses in fabulous prints and textures - lace, satin, silk, applique and beading; skinny jeans,printed tops and the best leather jackets     Black Applique Dress Click to BUY   Stone Leather Jacket Click to BUY   The Sophie Print Dress  Click to BUY   Silver Foil Lace Dress Click to BUY       The Foundation Lace Dress Click to BUY   Neutral Leather and Suede Jacket Click to BUY    The Talia Tie Front Dress Click to BUY     Click to BUY     Evie Print Top Click to BUY Click to BUY       Black Hook up Dress Click to BUY Black Lace Bandage Dress Click to BUY Mint Velvet donated to our Golden Prize Draw for the Girls Home Check our Post:  http://www.mintv