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Nice bikes!

Recently here at Nice , we had the pleasure of shooting with Jay Pond Jones at ColourBolt , a British cycling company which hand builds beautiful world renowned bikes.  As well as being a fantastic piece of handmade machinery, their bespoke frame bikes are aesthetically beautiful, meaning even more fun for us to shoot! You can find these creations at Harvey Nichols London and Micycle in Islington.  Take a look at our shots on the ColourBolt website and see if these stylish creations and beautiful images take your fancy.

Dogs Trust

Hello there lovely friends! If you have been keeping a close eye on the news lately you may have seen the coverage on dangerous dogs and their owners.  It mentions our friends the Dogs Trust , the UK's largest dog welfare charity.  Our fabulous photographers, Andrew Sutton and Emma Crichton, had the pleasure of working with them for their magazine! If you can pick up a copy have a browse, fall in love and get involved with the Dogs Trust! Check out this link below!

Scottie dog art directs Ocado shoot at Nice

Our (Scottish) assistant manager Emma and head retoucher Hannah were easily distracted while on a busy day in the studio with the Ocado shoot with the presence of a scottie dog. Here he is enjoying a well earned cuddle just after an important shot!