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Not very NICE - Whale Hunting

As you may have noticed here at NICE we love whales. Our Director Drew regularly films whales underwater for various organisations, including the BBC. So we thought we'd bring to your attention our thoughts on the cruel methods used in whale hunting "Grindagrap" is a traditional whale hunt. It comprises of a number of boats driving a large herd of whales into the bay where they are then slaughtered for their blubber and meat.  The local residents then eat the meat however the method that they use to kill the whales is "intensely cruel and stressful" says the The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society . Check out this link to find out more information about this topic. Warning: You may find these pictures upsetting


Our NICE Tesco model shoot pictures are now in store :) shot by our head photographer John Gough!

Life of a BLOG POST

Our good friends at lbdesign have produced a new infographic that they are calling the Life of a Blog Post. The infographic presents a stylised illustration, complete with the detailed steps of the progression and value of blogging.  In addition to being a great design piece, the Life of a Blog Post makes it very easy for a small business like ourselves to understand blogging. See the Life of a Blog Post


NICE Halloween Cakes that we shared with the HACKETT team during yesterdays shoot!