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Not very NICE - Whale Hunting

As you may have noticed here at NICE we love whales. Our Director Drew regularly films whales underwater for various organisations, including the BBC. So we thought we'd bring to your attention our thoughts on the cruel methods used in whale hunting
"Grindagrap" is a traditional whale hunt. It comprises of a number of boats driving a large herd of whales into the bay where they are then slaughtered for their blubber and meat.  The local residents then eat the meat however the method that they use to kill the whales is "intensely cruel and stressful" says the The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society . Check out this link to find out more information about this topic. Warning: You may find these pictures upsetting

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The Girls Home Evening @ Apartment 58

So The Event for the Girls Home took place at Apartment 58 on Wednesday 30 May where we showed the Brand New Fundraising Film and launched the new Website and held the Golden Prize Draw with Gifts Donated by our lovely Clients at Nice Images! Xx  Rachel Collingwood Director of Nice Images  and Founder of the Girls Home Charity and Me  Peter Ogunsalu Film Producer and Me Joshua Palmer-Ebanks and Me  The Girls Home in Granada, Nicaragua We are looking for new supporters for the Girls Home To continue the good work To expand the girls home to provide more spaces To secure the premises To develop training courses for after care Andrew Sutton - Co-Director (with Rachel Collingwood) of  the Girls Home Film There are a number of ways to donate: A one of donation on the donate page  on the website through Just Giving By sponsoring one the the girls at $25 per month By contributin

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Borne, a favorite client of ours, has just launched their online shop. We have been shooting Borne's gorgeous collection at our studio and are very excited to see that people can finally get their hands on it! Check it out at:

STUDIO SPACE TO RENT @ us...quick!!