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Girls home and VIP!

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Long with Rachel, out in Nicaragua to promote her charity- The Girls Home  & VIP (Very Important Princess) 

Merry Christmas!

We at Nice want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Miss Selfridge Christmas website- Still creative

Look what you can now see on Miss Selfridge website. These were shot here in NICE studio.  

Hi from Nicaragua


Horses and Kids

We had a massive week last week. Absolutely fantastic week! We were fortunate enough to host a British Luxury Fashion House, who were all so lovely. They used our studio to film their beauty tutorial. Straight after, we had the amazing Jo Jo Maman BeBe filming. So much fun, and acceptable to act like kids. Here are some images of what went on on Saturday

Blue Whale in Excel (a whopping 25 metres).

This Year we see an image that one of our director (Drew) had shot. You can see this banner floating at this year's World Travel Market at Excel, to promote whale watching in Sri Lanka 

The all great American Jeans

Good ol' Levi never fails to disappoint. They're sturdy, versatile and looks great on anything. Here's an example of what our amazing photographer can do with Levi, just to prove that!

Behind the scene of The Pretty Dress Company shoot

Behind the scene of The Pretty Dress Company shoot. So many Pretty Dresses! 
GOOD NEWS.......WE ARE RENTING A SPACE (spread the word!)! We are a happy bunch working in the photographic and video world of fashion and non-profit (PLEASE NO PHOTOGRAPHERS :-(). We are keen to find a like-minded company to work with us in this environment, we are thinking a vibrant PR company, Art buying teams....etc etc. Very near to Dalston Junction station and De Beauvoir Square, local delis. . The space is streaming with daylight & a wonderful space. There are kitchen facility, shower & toilets, large goods lift, concierge...and a great bunch of people! We have many adaptable spaces and are happy to discuss your needs/ costs to cater to what you and your company to create the best working enviroment! Get in touch, Nice images

Don't Worry. Be Happy.

What A Nice Day

Morning beautiful people! Rainbows on a rainy/sunny day. This should brighten your mood up. 

Kobi is back! Behind the Scenes of Pet Pyjamas Christmas Campaign shoot

Back in the Summer of August 2014, we joined forces with Pet Pyjamas team , Glypics and Kobi (our gorgeous Husky friend) to  shoot their first ever Christmas Campaign.  Please check their blog out and join us in getting into the Christmas mood, and start filling their stockings with creature comforts

New Member

Welcome to our new team members!  Say Hi to Lucy Dang, our new Production Assistant and Natalia Anton, our new Intern

Kobi the Dog

Christmas is coming and we have Kobi and dog and Pets Pyjamas in the studio
We had a special visitor at Nice Images yesterday.

WDC - A pocket sized guide...

Currently focusing on our charity work with WDC .. We are very proud that our director has successfully designed and captured the photography for a little information booklet which is sold alongside an adorable toy of ' The Blue Whale ' .

Nice is evolving!

We're excited to see some refreshing changes to our website! :-)

Hollistic Ballet shoot at the studio

We paired with Shoreditch Studio's to film a video which will launch their new DVD. The DVD introduces the idea of 'Hollistic Ballet' and demonstrates exactly how to practice at home.   Below is the link to her introduction! :-)

Saying goodbye to our intern!

Quick snap of the team in our sunny studio for our intern who travelled from Germany to help us out in the studio and improve her English. Good luck with all your exams... Hope you've enjoyed your time in London. Lots of love from the team!

Spey Bay Ice House

Spey Bay has opened a new audio-video installation, showing wildlife found in Moray Firth. Directed by our director Andrew Sutton

Thar She Blows

 What is this whacky animation, we hear you cry? We're a NICE bunch here at Nice Kids and in support of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) we devised this sweet, fun animation about whale watching. Fancy a whale watching trip? Before you go, take a trip to the WDC website ( to learn more about how you can have fun watching whales and dolphins in a safe and respectful way! We’ve been working on various projects alongside WDC, including Project BLUEprint in Sri Lanka -which promotes responsible blue whale watching around this beautiful island, and the Dry Dive experience at the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay - highlighting the incredible wildlife that can be seen in the Moray Firth through a community-led film and photography project. This jolly animation was the concept, creation and production of Nice Images, and a big thank you to 9 year-old Joanna who is responsible for all artwork and also our little friends, 4 year-olds, A