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Nice photographs the Charbonnel et Walker Faberge Egg

So @ Nice Images we photographed the huge  Chocolate Egg 'Rose Violet'  that Charbonnel et Walker have made for the Faberge Big Egg Hunt The Charbonnel Egg can be found at Charbonnel et Walker Store in Cabot Place  Canary Wharf and you can bid for it in an online  auction on this link Charbonnel et Walker have been established as  Britain’s Master Chocolatiers since 1875.  In that year, King Edward VII  (then Prince of Wales) encouraged  Madame Charbonnel to leave the chocolate house of  Maison Boissier in Paris to join Ms Walker in  establishing a chocolatier and confectionery house  on London’s Old Bond Street.  Charbonnel et Walker  are renowned for handmade English chocolates,  using the finest ingredients and original recipes,  beautifully presented in luxurious handmade boxes. Charbonnel et Walker feel proud and privileged to  hold the Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen.