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Spey Bay Ice House

Spey Bay has opened a new audio-video installation, showing wildlife found in Moray Firth. Directed by our director Andrew Sutton

Thar She Blows

 What is this whacky animation, we hear you cry? We're a NICE bunch here at Nice Kids and in support of Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) we devised this sweet, fun animation about whale watching. Fancy a whale watching trip? Before you go, take a trip to the WDC website ( to learn more about how you can have fun watching whales and dolphins in a safe and respectful way! We’ve been working on various projects alongside WDC, including Project BLUEprint in Sri Lanka -which promotes responsible blue whale watching around this beautiful island, and the Dry Dive experience at the Scottish Dolphin Centre in Spey Bay - highlighting the incredible wildlife that can be seen in the Moray Firth through a community-led film and photography project. This jolly animation was the concept, creation and production of Nice Images, and a big thank you to 9 year-old Joanna who is responsible for all artwork and also our little friends, 4 year-olds, A